Posted by: tireecottage | October 14, 2015

Intelligent Extraction Fans

IMG_0049Today, we’ve replaced the bathroom extraction. Not usually worth of a blog post, but this has a nice little extra feature for your comfort worth noting.

The older one was noisy and in winter, let in slight draughts into the bathroom (not what you want stepping out of the shower!). SO, a brand new extraction fan has been installed. A quiet fan, which comes on automatically 30 seconds after the light is put on, but this one has electronic shutters, in the shape of an iris, which open up slowly, on a timed extraction duration, then automatically close back over, preventing any draught from ever getting into the bathroom at all other times.

Of course this all assists keeping you and the house warm (if you’re on holiday in Winter or in days with Tiree’s characteristic wind!). For us, it also has the added bonus of saving on our energy bills.


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