Terms & Conditions

A copy of the following is provided at time of booking & listed here for reference:

  1. The contract made when booking is between the hirer (you) and the owner (Struthan Cottages c/o Paul Veverka). The hirer agrees to ensure that all visiting occupants in your booking party abide by these following booking Terms & Conditions.
  2. Booking is confirmed when the Owner receives the completed online booking form, a deposit clears for payment and the booking is confirmed by the Owner. A booking ID reference will be automatically issued by email upon confirmation and should be used in all correspondence.
  3. A final balance payment reminder will be issued automatically by email from the owner to the hirer on or around 8 weeks before your holiday, at which time final payment is due.
  4. Full Colour Brochures will be sent to your postal address including directions to the property, arrangements for obtaining keys, including other helpful information around 8 weeks prior to your holiday.
  5. The hirer (you)agrees:
    1. to act responsibly and take reasonable care of the property during the holiday let to ensure all damage is avoided. To be mindful of the proximity of immediate neighbours and act in a respectful manner, including but not limited to the reduction and limitation of loud noises, music, parties beyond early evening. Disorder or unruliness will strictly not be permitted and can result in being asked to leave the premises.
    1. not to smoke indoors.
    1. to make good any financial loss, breakage or damage caused and to notify the owners of such damage.
    1. to leave the property as clean as it was on arrival, and to return all items to their original places.
    1. to immediately report issues with the heating, hot water, TV or plumbing by telephoning Paul on 24-hour emergency contact number 07387 157711.  
    1. to permit the owner or his representatives to enter the property boundaries at any reasonable time to carry out maintenance with 1 day notice.
    1. that the number of persons staying overnight shall not exceed 6, nor will more than this number be in the cottage any one time.
    1. not to let others camp outside without advance permission. Lighting fires or pitching tents in the garden ground is not permitted. 
    1. to read the information supplied about the property and comply with instructions therein. 
    1. to be energy aware, not altering the heating controls from Timer. Boost can be used at any time. The Constant setting is strictly not permitted.
    1. to switch off lights and close windows including upstairs Velux, when leaving the property.
    1. to not remove any contents from the property, including but not limited to games, DVDs, furniture, kitchen equipment, hair dryers or other electrical appliances. 
    1. not to put any baby wipes, make up remover pads, nappies or sanitary towels down the toilet. Pipes are slightly smaller than the mainland and you will be charged for any blockage removal, if proven you have caused it.
    2. not to disassemble or take apart any electrical device, including appliances, extractor fan, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarm or heating controls, regardless of your perceived ability to do so.
  6. Well-behaved Pets are allowed (up to 2 dogs at extra cost when booking). Cats are not permitted. Pets are the hirer’s responsibility and are strictly not permitted upstairs. Any damage, hair or soiling to the property, fittings or contents caused by pets will be paid for by the hirer, at a reasonable value set by the owner. Pets should never be left unattended within or in the grounds of the property. Hirer is responsible for the welfare of the pet and takes steps to ensure dogs are not a nuisance to persons or livestock nearby. We have a wall and fenced the garden and gates, blocked off outbuildings, taking reasonable steps to ensure the safety of your pet(s). For clarity, the hirer shall take full responsibility for behaviour, health and cleanliness of pets and any damage they cause. Dog fouling should strictly be removed from the grass before leaving. By accepting the terms of this agreement, the hirer agrees there will be no liability whatsoever back to the Owner in relation to any event, incident or accident involving pets.
  7. A Non Refundable Deposit of 20% is required with this form in order to confirm your booking. Please note the deposit paid when booking is non-refundable if the holiday is cancelled for any reason by the hirer at any later date. The balance is strictly due 8 weeks prior to the booking and reminders will be posted out. If the balance has not been paid within the 8 week time period, the owner reserves the right to cancel the booking and to re-advertise the property as available for let and also to accept an alternative booking.  
  8. It is strongly recommended that after completing this form, you immediately take out holiday insurance to protect against inclement weather affecting your travel, or to protect yourself in case, for any reason you instigate a cancellation or choose to leave your holiday early. We would recommend a policy with a cancellation clause, which may entitle the hirer to recover non-refundable deposits or money already paid to the Owner.
  9. In event of the hirer cancelling the booking on or within 4 calendar weeks of the start of their holiday, for any reason, the hirer agrees to pay the full remaining balance. The owner does not hold cancellation insurance and in this situation, will invoice for the balance, on assumption that the cottage cannot be re-let at such short notice to others. If the hirer cancels with more than 4 weeks prior to your holiday date, the Owner will not request the balance, but again, deposits are non-returnable and cannot be carried over to subsequent dates. Cancellation requests should be put to Struthan Cottages in writing in advance.
  10. Refunds whilst the hirer is actually at the cottage will not be considered for any reason, including but not limited to the hirer choosing to leave for personal reasons, leaving the island for emergency purposes or due to their expectation of the cottage or holiday itself. The hirer accepts herein at the time of this booking that financial refunds will never be paid to them under any circumstance.
  11. The hirer is responsible for keeping to the times specified by the owner for entry (12.00am) and leaving the property (9.30am). The cottage will be clean and ready for your arrival on Saturdays, changeover day, whether you’re coming by plane or ferry. An earlier entry at 11am is available for a small optional fee at the time of online booking.
  12. In the unlikely event during your holiday that the property becomes completely unavailable for reasons out-with the owner’s control (e.g., fire, flood, storm or utility damage) then the Owner will try their best to find alternative accommodation for the hirer or alternatively pro rata money paid less deposit, will be refunded. However, no further liability will fall on the owner. In no event whatsoever shall the liability of the owner in any claim situation exceed the financial sum of the hirer’s holiday weekly rental rate. In the unlikely event of loss of heating or hot water, every attempt will be made as priority to get it fixed as quickly as possible though realistically this may be a day or so after. A back up heating and water system is provided in the cottage.
  13. Customer details essential to manage the lets are kept on a computer. The owner commits to keep this data secure, and not to share it with any third party. We do not hold card information. You may from time to time receive emails about availability for future months. In accordance with GDPR regulations introduced in May 2018, you will have the option of unsubscribing prompting the entire deletion of your name and address data with no further contact. Contact data is held for 3 years before being destroyed.
  14. Every effort is made to ensure all aspects of the property are as advertised. No liability will be accepted by the Owner for situations outwith the owner’s control, e.g., flood, drought, war, terrorism, strikes, power cuts, inclement weather, disruption by travel operators (including Calmac and Logan Air). Fire Safety information and equipment, including first aid is provided within the property, and those staying are deemed to have read the safety information on arrival including our Fire Evacuation plan. For clarity, the hirer is responsible for their own safety and those of accompanying adults and children during the time of their stay. The owner is in no way responsible for any personal injury or accident, crime or loss of personal possessions which occur inside the cottage or within the external boundaries of the property. 
  15. The outbuildings (i.e., empty byre and side shed) are strictly out of bounds. It is understood the hirer will not attempt to enter these structures as they’re currently not renovated and assigned for future renovation. No work will be carried out during your holiday. The hirer is deemed to have let all others in their party know of this important condition. Climbing up on roofs is strictly forbidden.
  16. Access to the upper floor is via a small spiral staircase, which may not be suitable for infirm or disabled people. However, the sofa downstairs easily converts to a double bed and the entire ground floor has been constructed for disabled access, with small entrance ramps and is entirely level inside in open plan.
  17. We currently don’t have a linen service but are looking to add this as an optional extra at time of booking. Meantime, the hirer requires to bring their own bed linen and towels. Pillows, pillow and mattress protectors and Duvets are provided for 2 single beds, 1 double bed and 1 double sofa bed.
  18. Arranging Travel is entirely the responsibility of the Hirer and is not included in the price of your holiday. We would advise booking ferry or air travel as soon as practically possible before or soon after the time of booking. We do not involve ourselves in customer travel.
  19. Free Parking spaces for 2 vehicles is provided immediately outside the cottage.
  20. The cottage is fully equipped. This includes torches, windbreaker, hoover, iron, baby seat, baby buggy, travel cot, hairdryers, PlayStation & games, DVDs, Music and a Dolce Gusto pod coffee machine. A reasonable amount of toilet paper, kitchen roll, binbags, dishwasher tablets, kindling, washing up liquid & soap powder is included.
  21. Free Wi-fi is included in your tariff. Community Broadband provides a reliable 15mb download, which is sufficient to stream Netflix or videos or for general Internet and email. There is no password and your device(s) should find the router name automatically when searching. The Hirer is responsible for their own Internet use.
  22. maintenance routine takes place once a month between April – September. Somebody may come into the garden briefly to cut the grass, weeding and will try not to disturb you. They won’t be in the house at any time.
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