Floorplans & FireSafety

Struthan Cottage

Ground Floor – 59m2

Layout Floorplan of the Openplan, lower, downstairs ground floor of Struthan Cottage, which is all on one level, no gradients, without steps and with a level entrance. Comprising of Kitchen, Bathroom, Hall, Livingroom, porch and Storage. [Download Pdf Plan]

Struthan Cottage

Upstairs Floor – 50.50m2

Layout Floorplan of the upper, first floor of Struthan Cottage, which is level, with no gradients. It has 2 bedrooms, hall and storage and is accessed by a spiral staircase from the floor below. [Download Pdf Plan]

As part of our safety assessment and risk mitigation, we agree with Council recommendation that the property should accommodate 4 or 5 people maximum.

Boundaries of Plot

Fire Safety Arrangements

The safety of our guests is paramount. Our number one priority. As well as fire safety rules being incorporated into our terms and conditions, they feature in our brochures, within our welcome pack and apparent in our cottage. For example fire exit, no smoking and fire procedure & emergency prominent signage, as well as fire extinguisher points clearly marked. We are also compliant with the Scottish Government’s legislation to have interlinked CO2, Heat and Smoke Alarms.

Our red folder in the cottage has fire safety literature and advice for guests, as well as our latest ‘Fire Safety Precautions LogBook‘ as well as documentation below. To ensure the property is as safe as possible and as part of our Short Term Let licence requirements, it is necessary for us to periodically review our Fire Safety Arrangements. These are maintained on a regular basis and for transparency are visible here.

  1. Fire Safety Checklist [Download Latest Nov 22]
  2. Fire Safety Risk Assessment [Download Latest Jul 23]
    Previous Assessments: [Download Completed Oct 22]
  3. Register of Textiles & Fire Safety Equipment Testing [Download Latest Jul 23]
    Previous Registers: [Download Completed Nov 22]
  4. Electrical Installation Condition Report checks on major appliances. On 8th July 2023 by A Rochead, Malcolmwood farm, Blantyre. Next Inspection July 2028
    Previous Assessments: In Sep 2022, carried out by K Langley of Tiree as evidenced here
  5. PAT Testing On 8th July 23 by A Rochead, Malcolmwood farm, Blantyre. Next Inspection July 24
    Previous Assessments: In Sep 22, carried out by K Langley of Tiree as evidenced here

All Electrical appliances both fixed and moveable are functional, tested to satisfaction and approved. Extension cables are surge protected. Wiring throughout the cottage was installed in 2009 to Building Control Standards. Additionally, in July 2023, we have made contact with Scottish Fire & Rescue, inviting audit, seeking further compliance and professional advice.

Further Fire Safety Advice
Useful information & further advice can be found at:   

A fire precautions logbook is available for download from: 
Safety leaflets can be downloaded from: 
Advice on chimneys can be accessed from: 
Guidance on evacuation of disabled persons from premises can be accessed from: 

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