Posted by: tireecottage | October 14, 2015

Maintenance & Improvement

Seeing something scuffed or worn really grates with us! So much, it needs to be replaced. This is, of course all part of our maintenance regime every year. An annual visit to ensure things are ship shape ahead of the next season. Things inevitably get worn out in the cottage and we love to keep things looking the best they can. The floor thresholds between rooms, over the years had become worn, so today, we’ve replaced them all with brand new treads. We also added trims to the vertical corners of areas in the porch that were previously prone to being bumped by suitcases, prams etc.

Where other cottage owners are reactive and respond (sometimes) when things get broken, we are very much preventative, believing in replacing something before it fails. We do this as we faithfully set aside an annual maintenance and improvement budget, not only replacing and repairing items, but taking time to improve facilities at the cottage, to make your holiday experience all the more better. Other things done in the last few days:

1. Light bulbs all replaced to LED low energy bulbs
2. Fan fitted in Bathroom
3. Batteries replaced in all the remote controls
4. Cleaning materials fully replaced in the cottage
5. Kitchen Towel & Toilet Rolls all stocked up for you.
6. Replaced chipped bowls and mugs.
7. Additional cutlery, scissors and new tin opener.
8. USB charger points installed
9. Fixed Bathroom shelf on to wall with better fixings.
10. Motion sensor light installed in kitchen with auto off.
11. Deep cleaned entire house (thank you cleaners!)
12. New, additional leather seat in living room
13. New, corner unit in Living room
14. Additional lamp in living room
15. Changed over 21 downlighters to sealed units.
16. Blackened stoves back to black,
17. Left peat, matches, coal and kindling for future guests.
18. Serviced Central Heating
19. Fixed toilet cistern now filling in 60 seconds, rather than 20 minutes
20. Replaced shower head
21. Whitewashed walls inside the cottage
22. Silicon sealant in remaining gaps in wall to draught seal
23. Weeding outside in garden
24. Bungee cords on all bin lids to stop wind opening them
25. Painted garden bench
26. Planted spring bulbs and flowers
27. Replaced garden gate, ironmongery and painted same.
28. New plant pots (weighted down) planted up at gable
29. New oven trays, saucepan and frying pans.
30. Left latest books and DVDs.
31. Replaced 4 pillows, left spare towels.


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