Posted by: tireecottage | February 28, 2016

Birthday down tools

I’ve had a real lazy day today with no maintenance work done. Deliberately. It’s my birthday and I find myself here on Tiree without family around me, a first and a strange feeling. After a long lie in, i woke up to a beautiful day.

My family gave me some birthday cards and some pressies to take up to Tiree with me, so i enjoyed opening them in the morning sunshine with a coffee and a nice omelette. Was left missing my 4 year old daughter when i saw her hand made kisses on the card. I ended up playing the PS3 I connected up yesterday and took the dog out for a walk.

As I stopped to take a photo of Island House, I ended up with about 30 sheep all around me. They came running up , clearly thinking I was going to feed them. (which I didn’t).

This evening, since all my family are on holiday in Capetown, Africa, I’ll be dining alone, but in style. My wife has family out there, and I’m not a great fan of long haul flights, so coming to Tiree wasn’t a problem at all for me and I knew I’d have a strange birthday. I’m now heading out for a carvery at the “Cobbled Cow” something that happens apparently here on Tiree every Sunday and already stocked up with drinks and good movies for coming back in later. I’ve had a great day so far, in my element writing a little of another history book for my hometown, Blantyre. My ideal sort of day.

Tomorrow, its back to the maintenance work in the cottage. I have a list of things still to get through, whilst i’m here and will be posting about that here, during the rest of the week.


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