Posted by: tireecottage | February 27, 2016

PS3, Netflix, Now TV & Sky GO

We’re pleased to announce that Struthan Cottage now has its very own PlayStation3!

Kids and adults alike are set for a whole load of enjoyment with the arrival of this exciting games console along with over £800 worth of games for people of all ages! Children as young as 4 years old have games to play, and a whole range of games for ages up to over 18s.

The games console now sits under the TV in the living room and means so much more for guests than simply being a games machine. For instance, you can select NETFLIX and watch streamed movies. You can choose SKY GO meaning for the first time, guests can watch their very own SKY TV, depending on what package you have at your own home. It’s also got NOW TV and the ability to surf the internet.

The console also acts as a backup, spare DVD, which can also play high resolution Blue Ray DVDs. Its also got some quiz and family games already installed.

For the safety of your children, we’ve already preset various new user profiles. You can choose from under 10s, under 16s, or over. Each profile is already set up and configured to the wi-fi, meaning you can even play games online with others around the world. Finally, if you have access to your own PS gaming account, you can enter the details and have instant access to all your saves, files, and games, there and then in the cottage.

We’re not suggesting for a second you should sit in the cottage and play games. Far from it, but it IS there in case of inclement weather or if the fancy takes you there. Enjoy!


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