Posted by: tireecottage | October 13, 2015

Beautiful day for Gardening

IMG_0042Another beautiful morning on Tiree and one which saw us get back outside. Leaving aside the technology upgrades in the cottage for a few hours, attention turned towards weeding, planting spring bulbs, (tulips and daffodils for next season) and ensuring the chicken wire on the fences is all secure, (so your pets and children can play outside safely).

Looks like our palm tree is flourishing with all that Tiree sunshine! Finally, a plant that thrives throughout the year at the cottage. There is no other more idyllic and peaceful spot on this island.

Of course, we had to stop for lunch, which was had sitting on our newly painted bench in the sun. I tell you, it was a job to get myself off that seat and back to work again….


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