Posted by: tireecottage | March 15, 2010

Winter maintenance begins….

Monday and time to begin some work in and around the cottage. Another nice , dry day, so first i went off to the Co-op in Scarinish to get this weeks provisions. When i got back , i attended to the routine things first. Smoke alarm, CO2 alarm tested, batteries renewed, check TV, Video, Satellite box, Broadband, The heating system, heating controls, sockets and fuses tested, stoves lit and checked. Sink and drain traps cleared, septic tank check ok. Also unpacked new toaster, beanbag for living room, more plates and glasses, washed bed/sofa throws and hung to dry. Oiled all locks and tightened handles in kitchen. Also cleaned filter in hoover, (which incidentally should be done every 2 or 3 hoovers!). Next, i hung a key holder, a new beach canvas in the stairwell and a wood carving in the previously undecorated porch. A VERY busy Monday morning. Phew!

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