Posted by: tireecottage | March 15, 2010

Landscaping the Garden

Keeping up the Monday momentum and wanting to make the most of the dry weather, i turned my attention outside the cottage. Sprayed weedkiller over all emerging weeds (to ensure a weed free Spring and Summer!). Also whitewashed the outside permiter wall which was needing a freshup. Painted the summerseat. Then, it was to planting many more bulbs ahead, especially those for Summer. Great to see the bulbs i planted in December and January now emerging which should make Springtime at the cottage very colourful! At the back of the cottage i set in some logroll into the grass, creating a small rockery. Planting some small palms and heathers added some character to the garden. Also installed some small solar lights (those of you who have been to Tiree will know that with no light pollution, its VERY dark at night). Altogther, VERY satisfied with the amount of work I managed to get done today. Maybe i will get a rest at the end of the week after all?

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