Posted by: tireecottage | June 21, 2017

Maintenance – New Boiler

As part of our maintenance commitment to Struthan Cottage, we observed in recent weeks that it was nearing time to replace the boiler with a brand new one! With occupancy of our popular cottage being high regularly since 2007, our old boiler has been working hard and was showing it’s age. Rather than take any chances, we pro-actively decided to replace it entirely.

SO…a brand new 9kw efficient, state of the art boiler has been installed in Struthan Cottage earlier this week. With minimal disruption to guests, our new boiler was installed in a matter of a few hours, tested and commissioned.

It means the piping hot water that guests are used to at Struthan Cottage, cosy and warm heating systems upstairs and down and adjustable heating controls continue to work perfectly.

As a future proof backup, we’ve also installed a user-friendly additional emergency hot water boost button, connected separately away from the boiler, so that even in the unlikely event of the boiler ever failing, there will ALWAYS be hot water for guests.


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