Posted by: tireecottage | October 12, 2016

Another beautiful day

img_3083Early start this morning. Another very beautiful day and one which will see me finishing off the maintenance work in the garden. The grass is all cut, strimmed , new plants and shrubs planted,  over 100 new bulbs planted for flowering next Spring and Summer and the older plants now cut back so they don’t get overgrown.

A new side gate has been put up, all weeding done and outside painting at places which needed it. Window cills, washing down the paths and gate painted. Inside the cottage is well looked after and hasn’t needed much done this visit, but I have freshened things up by replacing cushions, new mattress protectors, new pillow protectors, new glasses, plates and cutlery.

Its all the little things that add up to a full days work. Cleaning out the stoves, retying the washing lines ready for winter winds, and talking of that, even bungee cords on the wheelie bin lids, to stop the winter winds destroying them! Hours can be lost Batteries changed in monoxide alarms and TV remotes. Meter readings, decluttering drawers, cupboards and shelves, seal protection to the slate floor, checking heating, pipes and taps, checking lights and electrical appliances, descaling kettle, tightening taps, cleaning rugs, removing any chipped plates and cups. Oiling locks and hinges, cleaning and whitening grout, shopping on the island for things I forgot to bring up.! It goes on…..but with some good tunes playing at all times, it’s enjoyable and satisfying not just me me, but of course for all future holiday guests to see things are working, fresh, in good order and looked after.

My brother arrives off the ferry today, so I hope to be finished by midday today to join him with his workload. However, one thing is for sure, before I go home this weekend, I’m having Thursday and Friday off for a mini holiday and some relaxation.


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