Posted by: tireecottage | March 29, 2016

New Fencing at Struthan

Ahead of a busy Summer season, our contractors have just completed the brand new fencing all around Struthan Cottage. The old fencing was looking tired and starting to rot in places. Wishing to keep the property as best as it can be and safe for your pets and children to play in, we’ve completely fenced off Struthan Cottage, with an additional entrance put in at the back, in a new gate.

Dog owners will be pleased to see that the new fencing also has wire placed at small spaces, chicken wire if you like to prevent any small dogs getting out and the fence is now high enough in all places to prevent any other animals getting in. The property looks neat and tidy with the old fence completely removed.

The old car park spaces are still there at the front of the cottage.


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