Posted by: tireecottage | July 6, 2015

Summer Maintenance going well

IMG_2812So, its the first week in July, and I find myself in Tiree at Struthan Cottage for routine Summer maintenance visit. Always more of a pleasure than a chore, I attended to the usual things. Ensuring all the light bulbs are working, appliances are all ok, and even the minor things like the remote control batteries changed. A new hoover, new DVDs and books, games for kids, new summerseat, flowers planted in the garden. New mattress protectors, tin opener, new pillows, new mugs, plates, basin.

The weather was really good so we also took the opportunity to do a larger task his year, deciding to entirely whitewash the cottage. On Saturday 5th July, the cottage got a full makeover, completely painted, including the gables and chimneys, looking fresh as a daisy!  Painted the permitter wall also, ensuring the cottage continues to look as great as it can for our Summer guests. The garden got lots of attention too, grass cut back and strimmed, with no trace of any weeds.


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