Posted by: tireecottage | July 9, 2011

Say no to the Tiree Argyll Array

Scottish Power Renewables is proposing to build up to 300 wind turbines in an off shore wind farm, called Argyll Array, and visited the islands of Tiree and Coll to present its proposals to the people of the island, including several montages of what the turbines would look like from the island. Steven Flanagan of The Oban Times spoke to Robert Trythall of No Tiree Array following the presentation.

Struthan Cottages says: These montages have finally persuaded us that a NO ARRAY stance should be taken. I’m absolutely appalled at the new horizon (especially the final montage viewed from Tilley the turbine at the other side of the island. I’d previously thought we’d be able to see them from Balephuil, but NOT from Hynish, Balephuil, Sandaig, Hough and Balevulin. It’s absolutely massive and i for one dont want to see this happen to Tiree. Where do i sign up to NO ARRAY?


  1. Too long i’ve sat on the fence about this issue. Time to come off it and it’s an absolute NO. This cannot happen (at least as close to the shoreline as they’re proposing)

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