Posted by: tireecottage | September 26, 2010

Tiree Digital TV Switchover

TV in the UK is changing from analogue to digital as this is a much better form of delivering TV and radio to our homes. The Switch will start in Tiree on 13 October when BBC2 will change to digital form, the next stage occurring on 27th October when the other channels (STV, Ch4 and BBC1) will go digital and additional channels such as 5, ITV2, ITV3 and others will become available soon after.

Generally, if you receive a good picture via your aerial you should be able to receive digital channels by installing a Freeview set top box connecting your aerial to the set top box and connecting the box to a scart lead to your TV. Basic set top boxes are available for £40 or so. In some cases you may have to replace your aerial if it has been weather beaten!

Most flat screen TVs have freeview built in , so you would only need to retune to receive the digital signals. Another option would be to install a FREESAT box and mini satellite dish which will give you over 80 channels and radio services with no subscription. A Basic Freesat box including installation is available from approx £100. A further option would be SKY TV with a monthly subscription of sky freeview with no subscription. For details phone SKY on 0844 2414141.

Theres is also a help scheme for those aged 75 or over on certain benefits. For full details contact 0800 408 5909. For this scheme, the installation will be carried out by engineers from the mainland and you would need to contact them if you have any problems with their equipment within the first 12 months of installation.

If you require further help/advice regarding how the switch over will affect you, please contact Tiree TV Services on 220679 and Tony will try to advise you.

Above article noted in An Tirisdeach

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