Posted by: tireecottage | March 17, 2010

Wednesday Path Laying

Wednesday already and a bit of a washout today. It was pouring. Winds really picked up too limiting my time working outside. Still, i managed to get a path started , leading from the back garden entrance out towards the washing line. This should mean holidaymakers will have a firm, dry surface to stand on when putting out the washing. In the afternoon, i arranged delivery of stone chips for the parking area outside, then went socialising calling in at the An Iodhlann, the museum at Scarinish having a great little natter with Duncan about Tiree in the old days. A welcome break this afternoon from work. (Remember, this week is my week’s holiday from my day job, so of course i dont want to work all week off!). In the evening, a neighbour kindly invited me to dinner, realising i was here alone. Evening, i watched some International football (with a little nightcap of course!) and was glad of Broadband in the cottage to keep in contact with friends and family. Sitting right now at the cosy stove in the living room as the wind howls outside. Realised today from speaking to a few islanders that Struthan Cottage is getting a name for itself as being “excellent accommodation”, something which makes me even more proud. Yes, it’s work this week maintening every year, but it’s also a little mini holiday and chance to enjoy the cottage. Anybody coming here just loves the cottage and the guestbook is crammed with messages of recommendation. Brilliant that we’re doing something right! Going to try to complete the items on my “to do” list tomorrow allowing me Friday off. Weather is not to be good tomorrow. Wind and rain.

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