Posted by: tireecottage | February 13, 2010

Factors Sand Theft Announcement

After the article below, here is the full notice by Andrew Montgomery, Argyll Estates Factor, about illegal sand extraction on the Island. This notice is what prompted the headline newspaper stories:

“Despite the fact that some time ago letters were sent out and a notice placed in ‘An Tirisdeach’ regarding the above, the extraction is still taking place and indeed over the Christmas period dumper trailers were loaded at Barrapol overnight and their loads of sand subsequently transferred to one-tonne bags at the Crossapol camp. It seems the idea here was apparently to make it appear that sand had been imported legitimately from a mainland source. I am aware of the culprits and of those using this material and if you are intent on carrying on in the same manner, I will have no option but to prosecute without further warning.

The continuing close interest of Scottish Natural Heritage and Argyll and Bute Council planning enforcement officers is forever present, however notwithstanding this, all commercial users of sand and gravel on Tiree have been warned in writing that commercial extraction is illegal and that further instances of unlawful sand/mineral extraction for commercial building and/or building supply purposes will amount to common theft.

It is unfortunate that I have to repeat this but I am sure the majority of Islanders understand the need for due diligence on my part.”

A Montgomery
Argyll Estates

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