Posted by: tireecottage | December 8, 2009

Back Home to Mainland

So, my quick Winter maintenance visit comes to an end, and i headed back to Glasgow today, in some REALLY strong winds and rain. (Not so nice driving home in!). I waited with baited breathe at the Tiree ferry terminal to see if the boat would get in, after hearing stories of it not being able to a few days before! Ferry anchored in the bay then manouvered very slowly in a huge swell but DID get in. I was on my way home. It was too rough to land at Coll, so the sailing was fairly quick back to Oban. If the weather is too wild on the day of your Winter holiday, Calmac more than often put an emergency ferry on later that day or the very next, trying to get you to your destination as quickly as possible. However, given the strong winds and work commitments i have elsewhere this week, i was still glad to arrive safely back home this evening. I have to admit being VERY proud of Struthan Cottage. It’s SO cosy and welcoming and anybody going up there, even in Winter is going to have a great time.

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