Posted by: tireecottage | October 16, 2009

Bloomin’ Marvellous!

bulbsJust wanted to say thanks to my brother, Ivan and his wife Leeanne for giving up a little time on their Tiree holiday to attend to some minor maintenance at the Cottage. Lightbulbs replaced, garden tidied, boiler serviced, rain protection added to the lower front door and thanks of course for planting the many, many Spring bulbs (the flower kind) in the garden! Thanks to them, we’ll have a gorgeous garden in spring 2010 full of vibrant colour and interesting flora.

DSC_0042Hope you both enjoyed the rest of your Winter holiday and the Wave Classic. The email i got from Ivan (sent from the cottage using broadband!) suggested they certainly enjoyed their evenings in the Lodge Hotel although perhaps not the day after recovering! By the sounds of it, they had a wonderful time in and around the Cottage.  I’ll be up to Tiree myself in early December to do some further landscaping and take a few more things up to add to holidaymaker’s comfort. Thanks Ivan and Leeane for also sending me this photo of your Samoyed dog, “Kobi”, loving the comfort of the Struthan Cottage Livingroom.

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