Posted by: tireecottage | August 20, 2009

Joseph Thompson, Shotts

Joe’s many friends on the island were saddened to learn of his recent death. He was a well known face on the island having visited for many years. We extend our sympathy to his family and friends at this sad time. This is a poem written by Joe in 2005 and encapsulates his feelings for the island:

Under the Tiree Sky:

Twice a year i travel West. It’s a home from home for me.
The people are so friendly, a place they call Tiree.
Alas so many loved ones gone, no time to say goodbye.
They rest in peace on this small isle, Under the Tiree Sky.

I will return god willing. To this island i adore.
Greet new friends and old alike, and walk along it’s shore.
For me not sad, but happy. For the good times that are by.
For the lovely people of this Isle, Under the Tiree Sky.

Looking back as years pass by, as i walk along the sand.
The memories come flooding back, of those who walked this land.
Their names and faces from the past, so very clear to me.
When my time comes calling, i’ll stroll with them, Under the Tiree Sky.

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