Posted by: tireecottage | August 4, 2009

St Patrick’s Chapel – Tiree

spcTiree’s certainly an island for going out on nice walks. There’s nothing more pleasant than heading off into the unknown or around the miles of beautiful scenery around the coastline. If/when you do get out and about, be sure to visit “St Patrick’s Chapel”. Located at the end of Balephuil Beach on the small headland called “Ceann a Mhara” this 6th century chapel had connections to Iona. Tiree used to supply the monastic community with their corn.  Several small chapels and ruins still exist on Tiree.

According to the sign in the picture below, the chapel walls were intact until as recently as 1898 when two local lads apparently vandalised the building. Legend has it they died soon after as a result of the desecration.

spc2I’ve only ever been to the little chapel once when i was a child and i remember being fascinated by the engravings carved deeply into the stones. Even back then there was something peaceful and amazing about the place.

Thanks to Gordon Scotts excellent blog for the (assumed) use of these 2 photographs. (His link is in the site menu on the right).


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