Posted by: tireecottage | May 31, 2009

Introducing the Master bedroom

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom

Now we’ve downloaded the rest of the photos, we can (finally!) post some photos of the upstairs in the cottage. Despite having fairly low ceilings, the upstairs of the cottage has TWO bedrooms and a spacious hall. The Master Bedroom pictured on the left, has two Velux windows offering plenty of light and a glass block wall next to the door (with obscured glass for full privacy). The windows have blockout blinds on them, as we recognise that it doesnt really get too dark in Tiree in Summer months. The traditional wooden doors have a very “cottage” feel and were hand made on the island. The master bedroom has adequate hanging space and the old, wooden original beams are exposed, which we think looks very quaint.

Large Bed in the Room

Large Bed in the Room

Theres a flatscreen TV and DVD player in the room too, for those cosy Winter evenings watching a movie in bed! Here’s another view of the master Bedroom, this time showing the photos of Tiree on the wall, and the main, large double bed. Light switches on the wall control the main lights (without having to get out of bed!) There are bedside cabinets with “shell type” lamps and other nice decor.

As mentioned elsewhere on the site, guests bring their own bedding and sheets, but pillows, duvets and mattress protectors are provided. We hope you enjoy looking at the finished photos of the bedrooms. They’ll all be uploaded this week.

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