Posted by: tireecottage | April 16, 2009

Garden Gets a Makeover

Back of the Cottage & Garden

Back of the Cottage & Garden

You may have noticed we’ve started to update final text and photos on the website! Our recent visit was a great success, but i’m absolutely done in! Been working 72 hours (in 16 hour days), and so has my wife, my brother and his fiance who all kindly gave up their Easter holiday to help get the house progressed further. A tremendous success and we even found ourselves tiling right up to 1am one evening! It’s SO much work to get all the finishes done properly, but also very exciting to see everything taking shape. One thing we’re particularly pleased about, is we managed to get the garden tidied and finished. (We were waiting for a nice sunny day, which arrived on Easter Monday!) Here are a few things we got completed in and around the garden:

  • House whitewashing finished
  • Pointing around new door and windows
  • Cleared & removed broken glass in coldframes
  • Swept up and weeded out all paths
  • Painted the Byre and Walling around Garden
  • Secured all fencing tightly so garden is fully enclosed
  • Cut down dead trees and burnt all rubbish
  • Removal of 2 huge tree Stumps (using a tow rope & a volvo!)
  • Strimmed and cut all grassed areas
  • Installation of external solar lights around perimeter
  • Checking and rodding out all drains
  • Uncovering & Checking Septic Tank
  • Uncovering washing line poles
  • Soffit Board on Porch Area
  • Ran BT cable into building (although no plans for phoneline yet)
  • Cleared out Water Toby for easy emergency access
  • Gate Securing straps
  • Wheelie Bin Storage Area
  • Topsoil to Planter areas
  • Planting Summer Bulbs

All in all, a VERY busy day, even for 4 people. The rain stayed off and we all collapsed that night, no time even for a beer. More photos and updates coming in the next few days.

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