Posted by: tireecottage | March 31, 2009

Windows, Fixtures & Fittings

Struthan Cottage gets new Double Glazed Windows this week, all throughout the downstairs! In fact, the contractors have started already with the first couple of windows being put in today. Out go the old 50’s and 60’s windows, and in come brand new , double glazed timber windows, in a traditional cottage style. The windows are mahagony stained to match the door, gate and internal wood.  We left the windows until now to avoid their exposure to a Winter uncessarily. This means the old “green” colour of the timber will now be gone and the house will look black, white and brown. With the completion of the windows later this week, the house not only gets cosier, but allows the last of the plasterwork and painting to be done (plastering is scheduled for next week and painting when we go back up on the 10th April!). We also need to cement the external cills. Further work by our contractor is scheduled for late April when the spiral staircase gets put in.

The last of the kitchen appliances was delivered to our house on the mainland today, ready also to be transported up to the cottage, and the sofabed and chairs are scheduled for delivery tomorrow! (Let’s hope it fits in the door!). We’ve also been thinking about rugs, furniture, pictures, lamps and electrical devices, so it’s all coming together. It’s just 60 days now until our first guests arrive! There are 4 people including me going up for a week at Easter to attend to decorating finishes inside the house, and the very moment we can dress the house with furniture and finishings, we’ll have loads of pictures up here on the website. I’ll also be back to Tiree in May to finish the garden, plant some flowers, cut the grass and generally “test” the house. Exciting times!

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