Posted by: tireecottage | March 15, 2009

Natural Slate Floor now laid.

Natrual Slate Floor Laid

Natrual Slate Floor Laid

Our Cottage gets a Floor

Over the next few weeks, more photos of our renovation progress will be appearing here on the News Page. The picture on the right shows the latest work being done to lay a brand new Natural Riven Slate Floor throughout the downstairs of the cottage.

Laid in a pattern of 4 different sizes, the finished look will be more natural that the sheen look you see opposite (as the picture was taken immediately after the floor was sealed and was still drying). Theres no question of the finished look being “cold” either as we’ve laid underfloor heating below it. This was an important step of the renovation process, as it now lets us install the wood burning stoves, skirting boards and door architraves. The furniture, pictures and rugs coming in April, will add a touch of colour, yet keep the traditional feeling now throughout the cottage. More pictures coming as soon as our contractor can send them to us.  Hope you’re enjoying following our progress.


  1. Plenty more pictures to come, especially over the next fortnight as our contractors are hard at work. I’ll be on Tiree again on Sat 21st March for a few days, so will get some more photos then too, in between working! It’s getting there, and i agree,….the floor looks fantastic!

  2. Cottage looks fabulous. Very impressed with the latest pictures and the floor looks lovely. I live in an old farmhouse which is over 100 years old and it is similar to Struthan on the inside. I am looking forward to more pictures of the refurbishment. Well done it is fabulous.

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