Posted by: tireecottage | February 1, 2009

Lights! Action! Cottage gets Power!

Lights get Switched on!

Lights get Switched on!

Lighting gets switched on! Switches and sockets go on the wall, and halogens fitted into the ceiling throughout the downstairs. The picture on the left shows a little wall “candle” type light now connected and working. You can see the beautiful lighting effect it produces, especially against the existing stone work on the gable walls.

The Cottage has several “atmospheric” lighting effects, all highlighting the parts of the cottage which are old and original. Painted white, the interfaces between old and new works very well, and the white paint has assisted in the overall feeling of space.

We’ve started the cornicing to finish the new walling. Sockets and switches are chrome effect , often screwless plate, adding a touch of luxury to Tiree.

The workmen have finished their visit for this week and the next phase is planned in mid February, when I’ll actually be back to Tiree myself to progress some of the work. Until then, please bookmark this site and hope you enjoy reading our rennovation updates.

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