Posted by: tireecottage | January 27, 2009

Holiday Cottage New Door!

New Door!

New Door!

Struthan Cottage now has a brand new door and the rennovation continues! A solid hardwood front door was recently fitted and has triple glazing to ensure no draughts come in. Currently with 2 protective coats on (needed for the Tiree Winters!), the door will receive another 2 coats soon, making it a darker, more brown colour to match the planned forthcoming timber double glazing.

The outside of the Cottage still needs to be painted as you can see, and we can now put up the last piece of soffit boarding and guttering over this porch area. To the left of the picture you see our Broadband mast, already in place and waiting to be enabled a little later in the year! The outside of the Cottage continues to transform with every visit. An outside light and cottage nameplate is already purchased and awaits to be fitted soon.

When that’s done, and we finish painting the stone and walls in this porch area, this will be a very inviting entrance to your holiday!


  1. Glad you renovated with a wooden door. A pvc one would have been a little too modern for a cottage like that. It looks nice and expensive and welcoming. Keeping an eye on this site and enjoyed reading the posts. Keep up the good work.

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