Posted by: tireecottage | January 26, 2009

Rennovating the Cottage

Theres nothing like getting plastered! YES! This weekend Struthan Cottage lower drywalls were plastered and taped. The downstairs walls are now all ready to be painted white! This should really start to make things look finished. The chrome effect sockets and switches are being put on, and all the halogen downlighters are already fitted.

Concrete Chipped Away!

Concrete Chipped Away!

We’ve also decided to remove the small portion of Gyproc above the kitchen fireplace and despite some hard concrete on the wall facing, it has started to be chipped away so that more Natural Stone walls are exposed. The Cottage already has a hugely “old” feeling when you enter it , but seeing more natural stone walls we’re sure will enhance it further. It took a full day to chip away the concrete on the walls (1950’s concentrated hard cement ) but we now have some more stone wall in the kitchen, which can now be pointed, primed, sealed and painted white! Since doing this,  50% of the Exposed Walls Inside the Cottage are now finished with Natural Stone! Ps.It looks Fantastic!

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