Wind Farm Committee formed

Published from An Tirisdeach on 6th August 2010:

Plans were laid at a recent public meeting by Tiree Trust for the island and our community to be represented during the building of Scottish Power’s £6billion off shire wind farm. Chairman of the meeting Lloyd Gudgeon said at the outset that the trust would not take a “for or against” stance at this stage, but it was obvious that many of those attending were strongly opposed to the project.

He said “We wish to find an appropriate stance for the trust and to define what Tiree should demand if the project goes ahead. We want to find out what the community thinks of the project”

Lloyd said the the Trust had commissioned expensive consultants to help it “second guess” the plans of Scottish Gas to enable negotiations on behalf of the community to take place when appropriate. He said the trust was not allowed to lobby against the wind farm, but that individuals might wish to do so themselves.

A show of hands revealed that the majority of those attending the meeting were holiday home owners, mostly professional people, including a woman corporate lawyer and an international oil worker. One man was in favour of the project but said that he didnt want to see the community losing out to the giant contractors. You can read more at Tiree Online by clicking here

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