Sunday, the day of rest

I really was incredibly tired today, (Sunday), so didnt manage to do a lot when i arrived at the cottage. In fact, i first went round to the cemetery to my parents grave to put some flowers down (it was mothering sunday). Had lunch sitting on Balevulin beach. Stopped at the mill near the hostel to take a picture then unpacked at the cottage. By the time i created a little list of things to be done, had a shower and dinner, it was time for bed, ready to be refreshed for some work in and around the cottage later this week.


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  1. Hi Jason. No…i’m going home on Saturday. Thats a shame as i’ve probably got most of my work done by tomorrow, leaving friday to relax. I’ll be back up again in July. Hope you’re enjoying reading what ive been up to this week.

  2. Hi Paul, ferry broke down?? never heard of that one before! Dont know when your coming home but i’m up on sat. (if the boat gets in)

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