Soroby Resting Place

The lovely poem was amongst our mother’s belongings. In loving memory of Janet Veverka who passed away on 30th December 2009 and is now buried with dad in Soroby, Isle of Tiree (her most favourite place in the world!). She had kept it neatly folded and it obviously meant much to her and her faith.

Oh to the beautiful Isle of Tiree
Fields of green machar and chrystal blue sea
White sandy beaches , no footprints are marked
Only the terns and little skylarks
This is the place where no trees grow
and soft summer winds sometimes blow
Where waves rush into little hidden coves
and at low tide, where Carrigeen grows.
Corncrakes hide in and out of the corn
The buzz of the bee when it’s sunny and warm
Sheep and the hens pick in the seaweed
Looking for something to give them a feed
This is the place where i’d love to be
It’s surely God’s country and means much to me.

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