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WET_dog_beachA little reminder, following a few enquiries in the last week about pets being allowed. An unusual feature of our holiday letting business at Struthan Cottage is to permit Well behaved dogs.

This controversial policy is not widespread as most property owners dont want to take the risk of damage. Struthan Cottage DOES permit your dog(s) to come to the cottage with you. As long as they’re well behaved. Our dog policy will be reviewed at the end of the year.

To make sure you and your pet(s) enjoy Tiree and the Cottage, a few simple guidelines are in place:

1. Please ensure you clean up any dog fouling from the property grounds! This is the number one rule. It will not be pleasant for the next holidaymaker if you dont abide by this! please be respectful of our grounds, for the gardner and for the next holidaymaker.
2. Keep your dog on leash when in fields of sheep or cattle.
3. Please ensure you clean all dog hair from the cottage (if any) before you leave.
4. Dogs are strictly not permitted up stairs, on beds, furniture or the sofas.

If these simple rules are followed, we can sleep safely knowing the cottage has been well looked after, that the next holidaymaker can arrive in a clean environment and most of all, can ensure we continue to allow your pets to Tiree! Your dog deserves a holiday as much we all do! Follow the guidelines and the policy won’t need reviewed. Thanks.


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  1. Hello Alice. Thanks for your comments and your reminder about people with athsma. I used to get so many enquiries about allowing pets that i decided to allow them to go to the cottage too. It was a business decision as much as anything and so far people have been responsible in tidying up. If you want to email me, i can offer further assistance and point you to nearby cottages that i would recommend and that dont permit dogs. You can get in touch using the “contact” button on this site if you need some help. Thanks.

  2. I love dogs and can wholly appreciate that your idyllic accomodation is avaiable to their responsible owners and to them. I regret that i suffer from athsma and even though it is a beautifully clean and well kept cottage. / apartment , i wouldnt be able to sleep there. im am looking for a similar accomodation in the area . i would need to find one that does not allow dogs, because of my allergy. i think the island is a very peaceful and lovely setting for painting watercolors outdoors and i look forward to visiting very much. thanking you alice

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