Pearls at “The Green”

thegreenOn the North side of Tiree is a beach , strangely called “The Green“, which probably refers to the fertile flat piece of landing leading up to it. This is one of the nearest beaches to Struthan Cottage.

Whilst renovating the cottage last year, i needed a small break, so on a nice day, i went walking along this nearby beach and found something i never expected to find on a beach!

pearlA Pearl!

I’d been collecting shells and opened up an oyster/clam shell that was washed ashore, and there in front of me was a pearl! This picture doesnt do it justice, but it was a nice, shiny round one. Since then i’ve investigated that pearls are worth more if they’re flawless, perfectly round and big. In fact many factors contribute to a pearl’s financial worth. Unfortunately for me, from guides on the internet, i knew this one wasnt worth much, but i kept it anyway and perhaps one of our Cottage visitors will be even more lucky next time!

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