Parking Bay outside Cottage

We now have a Parking Bay at the front of the Cottage!

Extensive Parking Area

Extensive Parking Area

We’ve cleared back the area at the front of the house creating an extensive parking area. Rubble from the demolition of the internal walls and floor, was used to form a small wall / embankment. We even hauled the natural stone step out to form a summer seat within the wall! The small embankment will now get covered in topsoil and seeded in Springtime. This will look like a grassy embankment, fully blended in with the surroundings and with the parking area now stone chipped…provides space for 3 cars to park!

There’s also parking in a driveway at the side of the cottage, so plenty of room. The house is completely walled and fenced, which is ideal for children and pets.

Updated: February 2, 2009 — 12:35 pm

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