Origin of Tiree’s Towns Names

Ever wondered where the Tiree town names orginated from? A combination of Norse and Gaelic, some of these names have existed for 10 centuries or more!
Scarinish N. Skari, seagull + ness, point
Heanish N. Hja, outlying + ness, point
Baugh N. Baugr, bay
Balephetrish G. Baile + N. Ulf + , town of Wolf Bay
An Ruighe, or The Reef The Common Sheiling
Cornaigmore N. Corn + vik, bay + G. mor, large
Cornaigbeg N. Corn + vik, bay + G. beag, small
Kilmoluaig G. Cille, Church + G. Moluac (personal name)
Balevulin G. Baile + Mhuilinn, town of the mill
Hough N. Haugr, burial place
Kilkenneth G. Cille-Choinich, Church of St. Kenneth
Grianal G. Greenhill
Baile-Meadhonach G. Baile, town + middle
Barapol N. Barrow, + bol, town of the burial mound
Hynish N. Heidh, bright + ness, point
Mannal N. Mann + vallr, field
Balemartine G. Baile, town + Martin
Soroby N. Sauer, marsh + baer, town
Balinoe G. Baile, town + nodha, new
Heylipol N. Helgi, holy + bol, town
Moss G. A’Mhointeach, the Moss
Gott N. Godhr, the name of a person
Kirkapol N. Church town
Vaul N. Hvall, hill
Salum N. Salt, sea + holm, island
Ruaig N. Ruadh, a clearing + vik, bay
Caolas G. Strait
G. = Gaelic
N. = Norse

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