Posted by: tireecottage | October 10, 2016

Walk at Balevulin Beach

What a busy day I’ve had. Working in the Struthan Cottage garden today, making the most of the sunshine. Cutting the grass, clipping all the bushes and shurbs, weeding, packing away patio furniture and edging the paths.

All day though, my dog was giving me a guilt trip looking sad , waiting patiently for me to finish so we could go for “that walk!” At 5pm, I was finished and despite legs about to give in, I took him to nearby Balevulin Beach, enjoying the early evening sunshine. A few surfers in the water and tide heading out, very calm and peaceful. It may be 10th October, but I was out in the dunes with no jacket and the temperature, very mild for the time of year.

Now back home and its steak pie, veg and gravy, with enough room for apple pie later.

Posted by: tireecottage | October 9, 2016

Good morning

Today, whilst I was intending on having a long lie in, I was awoken at Struthan Cottage by the most beautiful orange light streaming in the window form the east. Opening the window at 7am, I took this lovely photo. A scene that made me want to get up and enjoy the day, living it to the fullest I can.

Its still only 10am, but already I have taken the dog for a walk on the beach, made my bacon roll and coffee, tidied up the shed and found time to write this.



Posted by: tireecottage | October 8, 2016

Winter Maintenance 2016


That time of year again. We’re over to Tiree to do some Winter maintenance on Struthan Cottage. Nothing major, but just our usual , annual freshup of paint, furnishings and fittings. Over the next few days, we’ll be bringing you some updates as the cottage gets prepared for winter and next years season.

We’ve only a few weeks left of the booked 2016 season, so we’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all our guests who had a wonderful holiday here in 2016. Rest assured to all our future guests, these scheduled regular maintenance visits will ensure your holiday is a memorable one and the cottage always meets your expectations and the high standards we’ve set.

Posted by: tireecottage | August 23, 2016

September 2016 New Availability!

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 21.14.46Attention visitors! We have an opening for a week in September 2016!

Due to unforeseen circumstances one of our guests has had to cancel their plans for a weeks holiday at Struthan Cottage from Saturday 10th September until Saturday 17th September 2016.

If you would like to book that week, whilst Tiree is still warm and sunny, then give us a call on 07918 766441 or drop us a message on our website at

Pictured on one of our own family holidays in September is Tiree sunset at Balephuil. This availability will be let on a first come, first served basis. Thanks.

Posted by: tireecottage | June 6, 2016

Amazing June Weather!

It’s been a wonderfully sunny 3 weeks in Tiree with fine weather. One of these weeks, we had our own holiday at Struthan Cottage and here’s our fun photos!

We hope you’re holiday is equally as memorable.

Posted by: tireecottage | April 11, 2016

Our Brand New Brochures

Our fantastic 2016/2017 brand new brochures have arrived! Guests with holidays booked will be receiving one of these by post shortly, along with payment reminders and further helpful information about their holiday.

The brochures update all our information and all the phone numbers of helpful information on the island. It also confirms all the details of your holiday, including dates and payments made.

Look for them through your door about 6 weeks before your holiday.

IMG_0829 IMG_0830

Posted by: tireecottage | March 29, 2016

New Fencing at Struthan

Ahead of a busy Summer season, our contractors have just completed the brand new fencing all around Struthan Cottage. The old fencing was looking tired and starting to rot in places. Wishing to keep the property as best as it can be and safe for your pets and children to play in, we’ve completely fenced off Struthan Cottage, with an additional entrance put in at the back, in a new gate.

Dog owners will be pleased to see that the new fencing also has wire placed at small spaces, chicken wire if you like to prevent any small dogs getting out and the fence is now high enough in all places to prevent any other animals getting in. The property looks neat and tidy with the old fence completely removed.

The old car park spaces are still there at the front of the cottage.

Posted by: tireecottage | March 2, 2016

Cobbled Cow – Carvery Takeaway

This week, I discovered for the first time, that the Cobbled Cow Cafe near Kenovay does takeaways! Well, i’ve alway known you can pop in there and get a roll on sausage or filled rolls, but on Sunday I was astonished to learn , you can buy a takeaway Carvery, all prepared fresh as you like!

The staff package up portion of veg, potatoes and a choice of meat into silver foil containers to keep them warm until you get home. Then you simply dump it all on to your plate and voila! This is what it looks like! This meal cost just £7, but incredibly wasn’t only a massive portion of beef, but was also a huge portion of beautiful venison too, complete with Yorkshire Pudding and all the trimmings (even the hot gravy!) I have to say, I couldn’t eat it all, despite giving it a good go. It was simply delicious but just too much for one person.

The Cobbled Cow does this takeaway (and sit in) Carvery on a Sunday, so please holiday guests, keep that in mind for the day after you arrive. It is highly recommended and is in the building near the airport.


Posted by: tireecottage | March 2, 2016

New Bedroom Cabinets

Bedroom cabinets generally take a lot of abuse as many holiday guests come and go, each and every week. Some of the drawers weren’t closing properly and indeed one drawer had a drawer bottom, broken. So today, we took the decision to entirely replace the bedroom cabinet with a brand new one.

We built the flatpack furniture and ensured the drawers were strengthened. The 2nd bedroom, which is often used by children now has a brand spanking new cabinet with deep drawers for your holiday clothes, as well as the other 2 cabinets of similar size at the opposite side of the room (out picture)

The addition of new cabinets forms part of our maintenance visit and we’re sure you’ll agree they look great, look quite “beachy” and an improvement on those there before.


Posted by: tireecottage | March 1, 2016

Blackout Blinds in Hall

Guests at Struthan Cottage always get a great sleep on the comfy beds and in bedrooms that are fitted with blackout blinds. In fact, its SO dark at nighttime, i usually leave a little part of the blind open, just to let me know its the morning! (else I’d sleep until lunchtime on holidays.)

The hallway on the other hand has always been very light, until today. The upstairs window now also has a blackout blind which will not only make the upstairs completely dark in the evenings, but will also screen the sunshine when it gets too hot in summer. (it does get very hot in summer as the blackroof attracts heat)

Of course, you can leave the blinds up or down, or use the nightlights provided. They’re there is you need them.



Posted by: tireecottage | February 29, 2016

New Freezer arrives

Excessive icing up of the freezer over several years had recently caused the white freezer door to crack on the inside. Whilst it still functioned fine, it did freeze up faster and of course the broken inside door looked unsightly and worn. The broken part also meant the freezer door was difficult to close when ice built up.

SO, today we’ve replaced the entire freezer, with a modern A++ efficiency rated brand NEW freezer. A quality Russell Hobbs make, in black, rather than white, to match other appliances in the house. No mucking about, no replacement of doors. A new freezer altogether. It fits perfectly into the shelving in the porch area.

We know how our guests like ice, and ice cream and you’ll be pleased to know the freezer door now shuts beautifully!

Posted by: tireecottage | February 28, 2016

Birthday down tools

I’ve had a real lazy day today with no maintenance work done. Deliberately. It’s my birthday and I find myself here on Tiree without family around me, a first and a strange feeling. After a long lie in, i woke up to a beautiful day.

My family gave me some birthday cards and some pressies to take up to Tiree with me, so i enjoyed opening them in the morning sunshine with a coffee and a nice omelette. Was left missing my 4 year old daughter when i saw her hand made kisses on the card. I ended up playing the PS3 I connected up yesterday and took the dog out for a walk.

As I stopped to take a photo of Island House, I ended up with about 30 sheep all around me. They came running up , clearly thinking I was going to feed them. (which I didn’t).

This evening, since all my family are on holiday in Capetown, Africa, I’ll be dining alone, but in style. My wife has family out there, and I’m not a great fan of long haul flights, so coming to Tiree wasn’t a problem at all for me and I knew I’d have a strange birthday. I’m now heading out for a carvery at the “Cobbled Cow” something that happens apparently here on Tiree every Sunday and already stocked up with drinks and good movies for coming back in later. I’ve had a great day so far, in my element writing a little of another history book for my hometown, Blantyre. My ideal sort of day.

Tomorrow, its back to the maintenance work in the cottage. I have a list of things still to get through, whilst i’m here and will be posting about that here, during the rest of the week.

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