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Holiday Day 7

Out and about today. Was very impressed by the Lodge Hotel, which since last time we were here has had a nice upgrade. Immaculate, renovated toilets and a new reception area was nice to see. A visit for some shopping to the Co-op, was one adult in the store, (no children in meantime due to the current health pandemic) and of course masks need to be worn in Scottish Shops.

Not one to be indoors for long, we were soon back out this evening. A walk along Balevulin Beach at 9.30pm as the sun set. It did go from being warm and sunny, to being dark and windy very quickly, but it was a great chance to watch the sun set and give the dog a last walk of the evening. My advice to guests who have a car….get out each evening. Pick a different beach and watch the sun go down. Its SO different on each beach.

Struthan Cottage re-opens to guests on Saturday 1st August 2020.

Posted by: tireecottage | July 23, 2020

Getting Back to Business – Day 7

Today was about decluttering the cottage, getting things ready for guests. Cleaning out the drawers, the cupboards, ensuring everything was working including batteries and lightbulbs. Very satisfying. A selection of some latest DVDs left at the TV cabinet.

Missed the sunset tonight but looking out the door, all is very still and peaceful. Just the way we like it! Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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Holiday Day 6

Exploring today. The western side of the island walking along the beach at Greenhill and out an evening drive. Jumping off the sand dunes (has to be done whatever your age!) We found a wee nest in the cottage garden with two tiny eggs. Trying not to disturb it, think it’s been abandoned, being so late in the nesting season.

We’ve been so thankful for a holiday and change of scenery and ensuring some quality family time outdoors after some difficult months. We hope all our guests also have a great time when its time for YOUR holiday!

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Posted by: tireecottage | July 22, 2020

Getting Back to Business – Day 6

A ‘dreach’, rainy day, this was a day to get things done INSIDE the cottage. Ahead of our planned re-opening on 1st August, we’ve brought up a new 40″ Sharp Smart TV and pleased to say the cottage now has its own Netflix Account! With loads of genres, our guests of all ages will enjoy all the latest films, box sets and programmes! Entirely FREE for guests, at no extra cost.

Tuned into Freeview Play, the TV no longer has 80 channels, but now has over 250 channels, though granted some of these are regional variations. There’s also catch up TV on demand, all working from just the 1 TV remote control. (previously we had 2 which was a “faff and a half!”
With USB ports on the back of the TV, its ready also for anybody wanting to connect a PC or flash pen.

A new Sony DVD player is connected to the TV in the living room and the correct HDMI port (channel) is automatically detected when a DVD is put in. All very user friendly without having to change ‘source’.

Decluttering, the PS3, controllers and all the games, normally in the living room have been moved up to the 2nd twin bedroom, so the kids can enjoy gaming, even if you want to sit and watch TV downstairs. We’ve more excellent technology upgrades coming soon this week.

Posted by: tireecottage | July 21, 2020

Holiday Day 5

A changeable day here at Struthan Cottage with midday definitely seeing the best, beautiful weather. Our daughter was visiting her cousins for a playdate, so we had a ‘child free’ afternoon. As she had the best time playing over on the other side of the island, we had a few drinks outside, omelette and chips and relaxed listening to music. So peaceful, may even have fallen asleep for a while (does that happen often when you get near 50?!)

We’re certainly getting a good mix of maintenance work done and relaxation in this short break. Was good catching up with family on the island today too. Today was a good day.

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Posted by: tireecottage | July 21, 2020

Getting Back to Business – Day 5

Onwards with work outside! This morning was about strimming and whitewashing! A dry day, grass strimmed away from the wall and gates (overgrown through lockdown). Tidied up the verges and garden borders and made a start on whitewashing the garden wall and front of the house. The ‘after’ pictures will be posted later in the week once this work is complete. Filled in some holes in the lawns.

Struthan Cottage re-opens to guests and for the rest of the season from Saturday 1st August 2020.

Posted by: tireecottage | July 20, 2020

Getting Back to Business – Day 4

This morning we were continuing to get things “ship shape” ready for guests coming back. A dry day, it was time for work in the garden. Weeding and weedkilling done, removal of dead foliage and shrubs. Pruning done, cutting plants back clear of the doorway, gate and paths. Cobble borders cleaned and replaced, then a trip to the tip.

Lots of small tasks done today, from changing the rusted screws on our sign with shiny stainless steel ones to permanently cementing in some more of the cobble borders.

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Holiday Day 3

We have a saying here at Struthan Cottage- “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Today, was such a today. Getting our jackets on this evening, getting out and about and making the most of being on this wonderful island. We had an excellent meal in the Lodge Hotel, (and the first bar pint in 4 months!). Walking off dinner along the beach collecting shells was a fine end to a quiet Sunday.

Changeable evening weather brought great contrasts of dancing colour, with this beautiful rainbow over Crossapol Beach.

Posted by: tireecottage | July 19, 2020

Getting Back to Business – Day 3

Weather has been a bit of a mixed bag today (Sunday), but we still got out to the garden. As well as getting the grass cut and edged, we got out the paintbrush for some timber care. Outdoor tables and benches got a couple of coats of protective varnish. Hopefully making them last a few more years. Inside, the cottage was ‘decluttered’. It was time to say goodbye to the old VHS player and video cassettes!

Maintenance work around Struthan Cottage admittedly was slower today as we continue to get things ready for guests returning in August.

Posted by: tireecottage | July 18, 2020

Holiday Day 2

Of course, we’re not just here to work and get the cottage re-opened. Our family is also using this opportunity for our own much needed summer holiday. A welcome change of scenery and we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else other than Struthan Cottage!

We’d normally be arriving on a Saturday, but having arrived a day earlier due to the ferries, we feel we’ve already had an extra day.

This afternoon, the sun came out and although still breezy, we got out and about. Arms and face are tanning already. Our dog ‘Riley’ loving the freedom of being outside on beaches and playing around the garden.

Visited my sister, stocked up at the Co-Op, a walk along Soroby Beach, a home cooked dinner and settling down now for a chilled evening with a few drinks and movies.

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Getting Back to Business – Day 2

This morning we got to work on the area immediately outside Struthan Cottage in readiness for guests coming back. Whilst the grass around the cottage is relatively short, the carpark area had become overgrown these last 4 months and just enough for one car.

With the sun shining and a dry day ahead, we got the grass cut including the approach verges and (after a hunt for strimmer cable) all the strimming done too. Now we have an area large enough to accommodate 2 parked cars. It’s also looking much tidier.

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Getting Back to Business Day 1

The 15th July saw permission given by the Government for Scottish Tourism to re-open, an important date many businesses like ours was waiting for. Coinciding with additional ferries to the islands, it was time to get back to business, after 4 months of no income, guests or business activity.

Opening the cottage on Saturday 1st August provides the perfect opportunity for us to travel to Tiree and prepare the cottage for guests after it being empty for so long, as well as giving our own family a much-needed holiday.

Heading off from Lanarkshire at 2.30am, the weather was not kind driving up to Oban, though roads were quiet. Those who are used to travelling by ferry with Calmac will see some changes right away, even whilst queueing to board. Scanning printed tickets (pictured), rather than collecting them at the terminal, paying by card only rather than cash are just a few of the new changes. On board, changes are even more apparent, all in relation to social distancing which is at 1m on ferries. Passenger capacity is reduced on each sailing, with rows of three seats each with 2 seats blocked off not in use. It made the ferry feel quiet, not busy even but the car deck bizarrely seemed absolutely full.

With no shops or cafes open on board, it meant taking on board your own food, something we were well organised for with an advance picnic bag and coffee in flasks made in advance. (pictured)

The sailing was fast, stopping at Coll then on to Tiree and we were pleased to see the sun come out and blue sky breaking through. By the time we drove up the pier at Tiree, it was a beautiful day. We’ll be blogging about our time in Tiree over the coming days and posting about the activities we’re attending to for re-opening the full season. Who knows, perhaps even giving you an insight into our own holiday too!

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