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2017 Season nearly over

23405972_1604936519566309_3246112892694905704_oWith exception of Christmas week, this week sees our final guests of 2017 complete our holiday season. What a busy year it’s been, solidly booked out since March! We were thrilled to have a record number of bookings from both new guests and repeat bookers alike and to see such wonderful comments in our guest book.

An eventful year too. We launched new brochures, which helped streamline efficiency within the business. Big thanks go out to our new cleaner Becky for her hard work in keeping Struthan Cottage spotless each Saturday morning. It is much appreciated.

Early Summer saw us install a brand-new boiler, something we were glad to do in summer, rather than colder, winter months. Opportunity was taken at that time to also install a simpler, secondary backup water heater. As always, several maintenance visits ensured the house was fresh, painted and well equipped.

Incredibly, 2018 at Struthan Cottage is filling up fast with only limited availability remaining in popular summer months. It is not unusual for us to be taking bookings over a year in advance. Reservations for 2019 open in several weeks’ time at the start of 2018! The remainder of this year, up to Christmas is still available on a hire per night basis from prices as low as £54 per evening!!

We have plans for 2018, especially around improvement of the garden and outbuildings. Stay tuned.

Meantime, thank you sincerely to all our guests during 2017. We hope you each had a fantastic time and hope to see you back soon.

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Late Summer 2017 Availability

tiree copyNeed a break on the lovely Isle of Tiree? Great news! We now have a week available in late Summer 2017.

Struthan Cottage is available week commencing Saturday 9th September 2017. A wonderful month in Tiree when warm sunshine is still plentiful and all the entertainment and activities of the tourist season, still on.

Normally priced at £399, we have discounted this by -£60 to just £339, which includes electricity, cleaning, and wifi. There are no other charges.

Better be quick, all other summer dates are already full, drop us a message at Thanks.

Posted by: tireecottage | June 23, 2017

Sealants Summer fresh up

This week we conducted a little bit more maintenance in the Cottage, freshening up the white bathroom sealants, replacing the old with new. It looks clean, tidy and fresh, ready for peak season guests.

Posted by: tireecottage | June 23, 2017

A Tasty Lobster BBQ

Our holiday guests this week bought a fresh Tiree lobster and with the help of a disposable BBQ from the Co-op, cooked a tasty lobster dinner for all the family.

For those not confident enough to buy and cook a live lobster, you can always go to Tiree Crab and Lobster and buy a wonderful Seafood Platter. Look at this delicious lot, freshly caught the same day as eaten! More details here

You need to try Tiree’s Seafood! Just amazing!


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Summer Sun & Beaches

Some of our family members are on holiday this week in Tiree and looks like they’ve had some good weather (certainly on the day they shared these pictures!)

It’s certainly worth exploring Tiree’s beaches. There are some stunning beaches within a mile or two of the cottage and if you go out say 7 or 8 miles, you’ll find these gems too. Just as quiet and beautiful. Pictured is Balephuil and Caoles beaches, earlier this week.

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Maintenance – New Boiler

As part of our maintenance commitment to Struthan Cottage, we observed in recent weeks that it was nearing time to replace the boiler with a brand new one! With occupancy of our popular cottage being high regularly since 2007, our old boiler has been working hard and was showing it’s age. Rather than take any chances, we pro-actively decided to replace it entirely.

SO…a brand new 9kw efficient, state of the art boiler has been installed in Struthan Cottage earlier this week. With minimal disruption to guests, our new boiler was installed in a matter of a few hours, tested and commissioned.

It means the piping hot water that guests are used to at Struthan Cottage, cosy and warm heating systems upstairs and down and adjustable heating controls continue to work perfectly.

As a future proof backup, we’ve also installed a user-friendly additional emergency hot water boost button, connected separately away from the boiler, so that even in the unlikely event of the boiler ever failing, there will ALWAYS be hot water for guests.

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Loch Bhassapol, Tiree

Loch Bhassapol is the second largest loch on Tiree situated in the north west of the island , right next to Struthan Cottage.

The two small islands in the loch may be crannogs. A crannog is a type of ancient loch-dwelling found throughout Scotland and Ireland dating from 5,000 years ago. Many crannogs were built out in the water as defensive homesteads and represented symbols of power and wealth.

It is believed that the ‘Battle of the Sheaves’ between the men of Tiree and Norse invaders was fought just north of the loch towards the cornaigmore coast. The invaders suffered many casualties and are said never to have returned.

The loch is now used for fishing and water sports, especially windsurfing and kayaking. It also offers amazing sunset views right out the cottage living room windows!

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The Ringing Stone

Situated between Balephetrish and Vaul, there is a large boulder balanced on other rocks like an egg on a spoon. It has some pretty special characteristics and is truly unique, by comparison to other rocks around it.

Bizarrely, it emits a metallic ring when struck and has a number of cup markings generally associated with the period of the Megalithic Builders.

There are no other examples of this type of rock on the island and it is thought that it was trundled over from Rhum during the ice age.

A much more romantic piece of folklore is that it was thrown by a giant from Mull, and should it ever be removed from Tiree the island will sink into the sea and be lost forever.

This makes for a great walk, especially from Balephetrish on a sunny day!

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Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 21.27.18With Tiree being so flat, it lends itself perfectly to anybody with a wheelchair or who may have difficulty with hills or steps.

Outdoors, theres a truly fantastic service offered by the Tiree Rangers. Beach wheelchairs for adults and children can be hired to enable disabled guests to get about a lot easier. The wheelchairs do not cost, but perhaps you would want to make a small donation instead if you hire them out.  They can be hired from the Tiree Rangers by contacting 07765 449487.

Indoors at Struthan Cottage, there are no steps. Disabled guests are able to manoeuvre from their vehicle, through the gate and into the house with no inclines or steps. The ground floor is spacious, open plan and all on one level. A large sofa folds out into a double bed with a spring loaded mechanism. There is a low profile corner bath in the bathroom.

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Tiree Dark Skies

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 21.11.44Continuing our look at all of Tiree’s marvels!

For those holiday guests who wish to look skyward – to see the stars – Tiree is an ideal location! Because the island has no street lights, is sparsely populated, has few cars and no other man made light sources – Tiree has ideal conditions for viewing the night sky, a far better view than anywhere on the mainland could offer.

I would strongly recommend all guests to step outside the cottage and look up when its dark and clear of clouds. It is breathtaking!

We have dedicated Balevullin as a Dark Sky Discovery Site as this is easily accessible, however there are many other sites around the Isle of Tiree that are magnificent for viewing the night sky. Try visiting Hough, Balephuil Beach, Sorobaidh or Salum for instance.

Thanks to Robert Bradley and Richard Whitson for the wonderful dark sky photographs on this page.

Tiree also has its own developing Dark Skies Group which you can follow on Facebook at

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Relaxing Bedrooms

The black roof Struthan Cottage often means upstairs can be warm in Summer. However, both bedrooms have velux windows that can be opened on warm evenings.

In winter, central heating radiators upstairs can be supplemented by extra oil radiators and there are many extra blankets and covers in the wicker chests in each bedroom.

Remember, guests need to bring their own bed linen in our self catering property. Pillows, duvets, mattress and pillow protectors are provided and renewed every few months. If you want to hire bedlinen, drop us a message, as this can be arranged easily & very inexpensively (and of course it can free up space in your car!)

More details can be found at our main website

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The Hynish Centre

11987195_727466840718604_7232902981218714031_nContinuing our look at all the wonderful things to do on Tiree in summer.

The wonderful Hynish Centre is home to the Story of Skerryvore Lighthouse and the Treshnish Isles Natural History Exhibitions.

Set in the very scenic southern tip of Tiree at the small community of Hynish, the museum can be contacted here Call 01865 311468. Open each day from 9am – 5pm. No tickets as such, just a little honesty box for donations.

Want to know more?

The buildings at Hynish were started in 1837 and comprised a dock, workshops and lodgings for those involved in the building of the Skerryvore Lighthouse.

Over 80 stonemasons worked here precisely shaping over 4,300 blocks used in the building of the lighthouse. In 1842 the Skerryvore Lighthouse was completed and in the following year the Hynish pier was extended to allow the lighthouse vessel to berth.

The dock has a tendency to fill up with sand and an ingenious flushing system designed by Stevenson using water from a reservoir up the hill and wooden gates, was used to try to keep it open. The lighthouse keepers had their quarters in the Upper Square and were provided with walled gardens to grow their own produce.

In 1982 the Hebridean Trust began restoring the buildings. Alan Stevenson House was originally built as store rooms, and has been restored and given a new purpose by The Hebridean Trust, founded in 1982 to preserve the unique Hebridean way of life.

One of the other listed buildings in Hynish is home to The Story of Skerryvore Lighthouse exhibition. This exhibition records the fascinating account of the hazardous Skerryvore reef, 10 nautical miles to the south west of the Isle of Tiree, and the design and construction of the tallest lighthouse in Scotland by Alan Stevenson, uncle of Robert Louis Stevenson. It features unique examples of industrial archaeology, a scale model of the lighthouse and interpretation material of general and educational interest.

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