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Covid Update – February 2021

** COVID19 ** – Update. Due to the ongoing pandemic and restrictions to islands beyond our control, we’re currently in the process of contacting guests with booked holidays in February and March 2021, with a view of moving their holiday dates to mutually suitable later alternatives. 

As with all businesses, especially so for self catering, these are difficult times and we thank you for your continued patience, understanding and loyalty as we work through pandemic challenges.

At present, we’re under the legislation dictated by the Scottish Government (not UK Government). We hope restrictions can start to be lifted soon and with the positive news of infections dropping nationwide and the rollout of vaccines at a pace, we hope for some more normal times soon. Stay safe everybody.

Posted by: tireecottage | November 4, 2020

Nearing End of Season

It’s November and we’re getting near the end of the season! Like many other small businesses, it’s been a difficult year in 2020. More so in Tiree. First affected by the closure of the linkspan, then from March right through to August being closed due to the pandemic.

We wanted to thank all our 2020 guests for their patience, understanding and for making the best of a difficult situation. Needless to say, many holidays were affected by Covid restrictions this year, with still no end in sight of the pandemic.

We look forward to 2021, hoping for some normality and better times. Be safe and well.

Posted by: tireecottage | July 26, 2020

Holiday Day 9

Our evening walk tonight took us “up the hill” at Kilmoluaig, to the neighbouring house along from the cottage. A lovely renovation is underway at that beautiful little thatched property nearby. A family walk was a nice way to end the weekend.

Posted by: tireecottage | July 26, 2020

Getting Back to Business – Day 9

Working inside the cottage today. We’ve unpacked two brand new comfy 7″ single bed mattresses in the second bedroom, tipping the old mattresses. We turned the beds around relocating the furniture on the back wall, rather than the sides of the room, which has utilised the space and created additional room. This has made the room feel larger and provides much needed space for your suitcases and bags.

Gone is the old 20″ “2002 TV (which was broken) and gone is the old VHS player. Now in its place is a 36″ TV/DVD player, alongside the connected PS3. You can now chill out in bed watching movies or playing games! Brand new Pillow and mattress protectors unpacked too.

All our Duvets and mattress protectors have been laundered at the pier ahead of the cottage re-opening this coming Saturday.


Posted by: tireecottage | July 26, 2020

Holiday Day 8

Weather has been very changeable, so despite the sunny photos, have to say this week has also been cloudy and sometimes raining (needless to say didn’t take many photos of that!). We’ve had a great time. Visited Farmhouse Cafe for lunch today, and over the last couple of days we’ve found ourselves walking on favourite beaches like Soroby, Crossapol and Balevulin.

Also spending time around the garden, just relaxing has been wonderful and much needed! Forgot how nice the sunsets are, a nice light when the sun goes down. More family members arrived today at the other side of the island and it was great to catch up, a first time seeing them since well before lockdown.


Posted by: tireecottage | July 26, 2020

Getting Back to Business – Day 8

Continuing some work in and around the cottage ahead of re-opening on Saturday 1st August. This time, weeding and cutting the back grass. Washing down the windows and decluttering the shed, with another run to the tip.

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Getting Back to Business – Day 7

A week gone by already! Our reminder to make the most of every moment whilst in Tiree. Our working holiday continued outside with maintenance work to the gutters and downpipes. First wiped off the green moss. Sunbleached somewhat over the last 13 years, the uPVC gutters and downpipes were painted with black protective special paint, bringing them all up as good as new. The outside lamp painted too.

Inside, new fire cement to both wood burning stoves and the front doorbar lowered closing a small gap, assisting making the cottage even more cosier.

Struthan Cottage re-opens to guests on Saturday 1st August 2020. Check our 2020 and 2021 availability here:

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Holiday Day 7

Out and about today. Was very impressed by the Lodge Hotel, which since last time we were here has had a nice upgrade. Immaculate, renovated toilets and a new reception area was nice to see. A visit for some shopping to the Co-op, was one adult in the store, (no children in meantime due to the current health pandemic) and of course masks need to be worn in Scottish Shops.

Not one to be indoors for long, we were soon back out this evening. A walk along Balevulin Beach at 9.30pm as the sun set. It did go from being warm and sunny, to being dark and windy very quickly, but it was a great chance to watch the sun set and give the dog a last walk of the evening. My advice to guests who have a car….get out each evening. Pick a different beach and watch the sun go down. Its SO different on each beach.

Struthan Cottage re-opens to guests on Saturday 1st August 2020.

Posted by: tireecottage | July 23, 2020

Getting Back to Business – Day 7

Today was about decluttering the cottage, getting things ready for guests. Cleaning out the drawers, the cupboards, ensuring everything was working including batteries and lightbulbs. Very satisfying. A selection of some latest DVDs left at the TV cabinet.

Missed the sunset tonight but looking out the door, all is very still and peaceful. Just the way we like it! Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Posted by: tireecottage | July 22, 2020

Holiday Day 6

Exploring today. The western side of the island walking along the beach at Greenhill and out an evening drive. Jumping off the sand dunes (has to be done whatever your age!) We found a wee nest in the cottage garden with two tiny eggs. Trying not to disturb it, think it’s been abandoned, being so late in the nesting season.

We’ve been so thankful for a holiday and change of scenery and ensuring some quality family time outdoors after some difficult months. We hope all our guests also have a great time when its time for YOUR holiday!

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Getting Back to Business – Day 6

A ‘dreach’, rainy day, this was a day to get things done INSIDE the cottage. Ahead of our planned re-opening on 1st August, we’ve brought up a new 40″ Sharp Smart TV and pleased to say the cottage now has its own Netflix Account! With loads of genres, our guests of all ages will enjoy all the latest films, box sets and programmes! Entirely FREE for guests, at no extra cost.

Tuned into Freeview Play, the TV no longer has 80 channels, but now has over 250 channels, though granted some of these are regional variations. There’s also catch up TV on demand, all working from just the 1 TV remote control. (previously we had 2 which was a “faff and a half!”
With USB ports on the back of the TV, its ready also for anybody wanting to connect a PC or flash pen.

A new Sony DVD player is connected to the TV in the living room and the correct HDMI port (channel) is automatically detected when a DVD is put in. All very user friendly without having to change ‘source’.

Decluttering, the PS3, controllers and all the games, normally in the living room have been moved up to the 2nd twin bedroom, so the kids can enjoy gaming, even if you want to sit and watch TV downstairs. We’ve more excellent technology upgrades coming soon this week.

Posted by: tireecottage | July 21, 2020

Holiday Day 5

A changeable day here at Struthan Cottage with midday definitely seeing the best, beautiful weather. Our daughter was visiting her cousins for a playdate, so we had a ‘child free’ afternoon. As she had the best time playing over on the other side of the island, we had a few drinks outside, omelette and chips and relaxed listening to music. So peaceful, may even have fallen asleep for a while (does that happen often when you get near 50?!)

We’re certainly getting a good mix of maintenance work done and relaxation in this short break. Was good catching up with family on the island today too. Today was a good day.

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