Bringing Your Dog?

Are you planning on bringing your pet to the Cottage on holiday? A reminder, ahead of a busy Summer Season, that all holidaymakers are responsible for their own pets whilst at the cottage. It is necessary for pet owners:

a) To ensure Dogs are not allowed on the sofas or upstairs.
b) All Pet Hair must be completely removed from the rugs and floor before you leave.
c) Any dog fouling in the garden must be picked up before you leave.

This is courtesy for the next guests arriving only an hour after YOU leave. Our cleaners do not expect to have to deal with the fallout from pets before they arrive each Saturday morning.  We want you to be able to bring your pooches on holiday with you, so the above is important if we are to continue to permit pets. Please consider the next guests when you depart ensuring the house is left in a state you would like to see it,  if you just arrived. Thanks.

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