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Background: From 01 Oct 22, the Scottish Government will implement a new licensing scheme to ensure basic safety standards are in place across all short-term lets operating in Scotland. It will be a criminal offence for existing property owners to continue taking bookings after 1st April 2023, without a holiday letting licence.

EPC Requirement: Amongst several requirements is getting an Energy Performance Certificate if you haven’t already got one in the last 10 years. This will involve a Surveyor coming to TIREE and determining the performance rating of your property in a simple report, which usually takes 1-2hrs depending on the size of the property. It involves recording the type of walls, roof ,windows, heating systems, insulation and making recommendations to make your property more efficient. The report is necessary every 10 years for Argyll & Bute Council to progress your ‘short term lets’ license and there is a cost involved.

Proposal: Property owners on Tiree have expressed an interest in arranging a “multi visit” from the nearest surveyors in Oban. This will involve the surveyor visiting the island over 2 days (with 2 nights accommodation) and surveying a batch of 14 properties in 1 visit. Be aware, this would be expensive to cover his travel and accommodation if arranging by yourself. However, for everybody responding to this form, the cost is proposed to be equally split, making it cheaper for all of us. Maybe one of us could put him up in our own accommodation? This page provides a form below for you to book your EPC Surveyors visit from DM Hall Surveyors in Oban.

Costs: DM Hall have provided competitive quotes of £150 for a 1 bedroom property, £180 for a 2 bedroom and £240 for a 3 bedroom property for the ECP Report. (Being a surveyor myself, I recognise this as good value and DM Hall have indicated they could possibly lower those fees if they get multiple bookings.) If your property has more than 3 bedrooms, or is not a cottage/house, then they will contact you with a price. As well as the EPC report charge, the surveyor’s ferry travel and accommodation cost likely for 2 nights will be split equally between our group and added to each individual’s bill by DM Hall. The more people interested, the cheaper it will be.

How it Works: Here’s how to book your EPC visit:
1. Each property owner can simply complete the form below expressing their intention to book.
2. All forms collected here by 6pm on Sunday 25th September will be emailed to Donald at DM Hall Surveyors to arrange a timely visit to Tiree. This page will then be removed.
3. DM Hall Surveyors (Oban Office) will contact each person to arrange access to their property and will invoice property owners separately and privately. The visit will likely be in the quieter winter season where there’s less chance of disrupting your guests. Struthan Cottages will not pass your details to anybody else nor hold any data. We are merely acting as a mechanism to collate the group’s information to give to the surveyor. We’re not on commissions and doing this freely to help us all. Financial transactions are only dealt strictly between you and the surveyor. Note: A limit of 14 bookings has been targeted for this first visit on first come first served basis, though any others will be passed to the Surveyors as future leads for future visits. We hope this helps. Thanks.

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