Posted by: tireecottage | May 8, 2022

New Electric Oven Installed

Today we fitted a brand new electric oven in the kitchen. The old oven was “getting on a bit” and we do like to keep things looking new and contemporary.

On the rare occasion when we get a report of something not working, we attend to things immediately. The oven was actually working, but a jammed button on the timeclock, like the lettering on the dials rubbed off, was causing issues when brought to our attention a few days ago.

Taking no chances, and making use of us visiting this week, we transported a brand new A+ energy rates oven, installing it this morning. Simple to use (no time clock!), easy to clean, the shelves and trays are all replaced too.

In these times where energy is on the minds of everybody, we’re slowly changing all electrical devices in the cottage over to eco or A+ energy rated appliances and fittings.

Other examples of this include lights in the kitchen which switch themselves off automatically if no movement is detected after 20 minutes.


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