Posted by: tireecottage | July 22, 2020

Getting Back to Business – Day 6

A ‘dreach’, rainy day, this was a day to get things done INSIDE the cottage. Ahead of our planned re-opening on 1st August, we’ve brought up a new 40″ Sharp Smart TV and pleased to say the cottage now has its own Netflix Account! With loads of genres, our guests of all ages will enjoy all the latest films, box sets and programmes! Entirely FREE for guests, at no extra cost.

Tuned into Freeview Play, the TV no longer has 80 channels, but now has over 250 channels, though granted some of these are regional variations. There’s also catch up TV on demand, all working from just the 1 TV remote control. (previously we had 2 which was a “faff and a half!”
With USB ports on the back of the TV, its ready also for anybody wanting to connect a PC or flash pen.

A new Sony DVD player is connected to the TV in the living room and the correct HDMI port (channel) is automatically detected when a DVD is put in. All very user friendly without having to change ‘source’.

Decluttering, the PS3, controllers and all the games, normally in the living room have been moved up to the 2nd twin bedroom, so the kids can enjoy gaming, even if you want to sit and watch TV downstairs. We’ve more excellent technology upgrades coming soon this week.


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