Posted by: tireecottage | July 18, 2020

Holiday Day 2

Of course, we’re not just here to work and get the cottage re-opened. Our family is also using this opportunity for our own much needed summer holiday. A welcome change of scenery and we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else other than Struthan Cottage!

We’d normally be arriving on a Saturday, but having arrived a day earlier due to the ferries, we feel we’ve already had an extra day.

This afternoon, the sun came out and although still breezy, we got out and about. Arms and face are tanning already. Our dog ‘Riley’ loving the freedom of being outside on beaches and playing around the garden.

Visited my sister, stocked up at the Co-Op, a walk along Soroby Beach, a home cooked dinner and settling down now for a chilled evening with a few drinks and movies.

More from our working holiday tomorrow. Plan your staycation at Struthan Cottage. See here for more information:


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