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Important! Calmac Travel Changes!


Important Customer Notice! It’s the update we’ve all been waiting for! Calmac have today published the next phase of their timetable – which will be in operation from 1 July – 14 July, including information on the following phase of their timetable (15 July – 18 October), which will be published on 2 July.

It is strongly advised ALL customers existing and considering bookings read through this and see how it fits with YOUR travel plans.

The new timetable for 1 July – 14 July is here:
this will have 1 daily sailing from Oban to Tiree on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Bookings will be available for this timetable from 30 June 2020 at 9am. Being at the ferry terminal at least 45 minutes before is important for check in. Late arrivals could miss their place. Due the current Covid-19 situation all the retail outlets on board vessels and at ports will remain closed at this time.

For example:

From 9am on 30 June bookings will open for 1 July – 14 July.
At 9am on 2 July when the next phase of the timetable is published (for period 15 July – 18 October), bookings will be open up to 15 July.
At 9am on 3 July, bookings will be open up to 16 July, and so on.


Today’s updated timetable, and the following phase (15 July – 18 October) include more frequent sailings and will increase available capacity for customers right across the network. Calmac are implementing guidelines and safety measures – including social distancing. They’re designed to keep customers and crew safe and they dictate the number of passengers they can carry. Our capacity per vessel is limited because of these safety measures.  An announcement about Social Distancing is to be made by the Scottish Government on Thursday 2nd July, potentially reducing the 2m rule down to 1m. Should this change be implemented, Calmac capacity per vessel will also change. (for the better!)

Customer bookings

This year has been very different to the one many of us might have imagined and the situation for travel continues to be changeable as we prepare for the easing of lockdown restrictions.

Struthan Cottage customers will ALWAYS need to check their travel both outgoing and returning with Calmac in advance of your holiday. Be aware you will require to leave our cottage on your booked departure day, regardless of when your travel is booked, in order for arrival of our next guests.

Existing Ferry Travel Bookings

For those passengers who already have a reservation with Calmac, they are also dealing with those on a rolling two-week basis. Calmac will only make cancellations where they have to, based on capacity.  If your booking is from 15 July onwards, they don’t yet have an update for you. But they WILL be in touch with you in line with the two-week rolling sequence. Those bookings will try to be accommodated and again you will need to confirm your bookings directly with the ferry operator.

Find the full Calmac statement here – along with important customer information on how we they are managing safety measures, vessel capacity and bookings going forward 👉


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