Posted by: tireecottage | March 17, 2019

Improvement Work

Our Spring maintenance visit is going well!

In the bathroom we replaced the ceiling lights with completely sealed LED units. Not only more energy efficient, but there are no vents in those new units meaning no draughts can come in! The bathroom is completely draught proof (which on a windy Tiree day like today is apparent). New bathmats too. Toasty!

Staying with the bathroom, we noticed the mixer tap on the shower was not providing the temperature it should be, so we’ve completely replaced the shower. The shower is powerful, can now be better regulated and the water for assurance, is piping hot!

The previous 2 guests mentioned some small issues with getting the front door to lock properly in the porch. The lock was taken apart this morning and being 12 years old, was pretty rusty. SO…we’ve completely changed the door lock for a brand new, different lock and replaced the door handles both inside and out. Working a treat now.

We’ve also replaced duvets and pillows with brand new bedding. In the kitchen we’ve replaced tin opener, scissors, pots, new knives and chopping boards.

Ensuring the cottage is clean, freshened up, in tip top shape and everything in working order, before your holiday is of primary importance to us.


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