Posted by: tireecottage | March 4, 2018

Escaping “Beast from the East”

SO, Winter Maintenance week has arrived! That annual time of year when we pop across from our home on the mainland, to Struthan Cottage on Tiree, to check everything has been ok for Winter and of course to open up for a busy season.


As the whole of the country was gripped in some of the worst snow in decades, we decided to outrun the “Beast from the East” and packed up anyways intending to get to Tiree. As you can see, the snowy scene before we left would make anybody think twice before driving through mountains and glens to get to Oban.


Then the ferry was cancelled! On Saturday morning, the alert came through that the situation was quickly fixed and it would sail at 12.30… it was a speedy journey up to Oban, already prepacked with things to take to the cottage. Arriving at the pier with 25 minutes to go before sail, WAS cutting it closer than we’ve ever done. (I would advise leaving plenty of time for the ferry!)

The further West we drove, the less snow there was. Bitterly cold though, Oban had no snow, which was the case even as we made our sail across to Tiree on the Lord of the Isles. Being back on LOTI was like a return to older decades. A ferry we hadn’t been on for quite some time, but we were still thankful Calmac put it on to get to Tiree on the day we planned.

I think possibly the Western Islands was the only place in the UK with no snow. None at all. Not even a single snowflake falling or on the ground!

Arriving at the rather late hour or 4.30pm on Saturday, it was near dark by the time we’d settled and unpacked. Of course this isn’t a holiday for us. Its a working break! There’s always things to do, and we’ll be posting about them over the next few days.

Thats things to make YOU more comfortable and to enhance your enjoyment when you’re staying with us this year. Stay tuned.



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