2016 Maintenance Visit

We’re always excited to head to Tiree to do our twice yearly maintenance visit. The goal is always to ensure things are as the best they can be for all our forthcoming guests. As with each visit, we focus not just on replacing things that need some attention, but also to ensure its replaced with brand new items, to keep the cottage as fresh and new as possible. We also spend some time improving things, reacting to feedback and suggestions and to tailor the cottage to your exact needs.

This week, we’ll be blogging here all about our visit and what we’re doing.

Last night at 3am we packed up the vehicle and set off for Oban. The nighttime drive is always exciting knowing where our destination is and the thought of being in Struthan Cottage for a whole week! This year however, we’re going to Tiree a little early, ahead of a busy season. February means the weather is still cold and it was no surprise to see the snow come on after Tyndrum. A late boat leaving at 8.15am saw a beautiful sail across to Tiree in fairly calm conditions.

I say, we as in “Struthan Cottage” the business, but there is only me on this particular trip, (Paul Veverka). As I arrived in Tiree near midday, the sun briefly came out and despite knowing work is ahead this week, I got that relaxing feeling everybody gets when they drive up the pier on arrival. Even my dog started barking at the sand on Gott Bay!

The cleaners had thankfully already turned the heating back up and Struthan Cottage was clean, nice and toasty when I arrived. After unpacking the car and letting the dog out, the trip here caught up with me and even although its only 9pm, i’m writing this in my pyjamas. Stay tuned this week, here on this page to see what work is being done. Its all good, betterment even and for your further enjoyment when its time for you to come here!

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