Posted by: tireecottage | September 24, 2011

Big Lottery Award to Tiree Group

Tiree Resource Club has been awarded £72,110 from the Big Lottery’s Supporting 21st Century Life’ scheme.

The Club, through its Tiree Resource Centre project, aims to support older people to maintain their links with the community and to sustain their independence at home.  As part of the project, carers will be helped to manage their caring role through developing improved coping mechanisms.

This two year project meets a serious contemporary need  – and in Argyll – head on. People are living longer and Argyll’s population is significantly weighted to the elderly end of the age scale.

In remote rural communities and very particularly in island ones,, the elderly fear most their removal to a care home amongst strangers and on the mainland, away from and out of sight of the community and the landscape many have known all their lives. Where this happens, it also leaves communities bereft of the stabilising presence of older, often wiser folk who are usually very knowledgeable about aspects of the community’s history that will die with them.

But the strength of rural and island communities is that they look after their own – and wish to do so. These are communities that, by their nature, live by collective responsibility.

The Tiree project will provide a central facility, resources and transport to older and vulnerable people to attend lunches, appropriate exercise classes, organised events, and social activities. It will also  support access to general services and amenities such as healthcare appointments and shops.  Carers will be assisted in understanding better the conditions the person they care for experiences and to grasp, for advising, the way the benefits system works.

In total, this 2 year grant-funded initiative will benefit 140 elderly and infirm people and their carers on the island – by funding the running the costs of the project including the employment of
a new part-time co-ordinator, training for staff and volunteers, the purchase of an adapted minibus and associated running costs in outings and activities.

Michael Russell, Argyll and Bute’s constituency MSP, has expressed his delight  at the news saying:  ‘I am delighted that this project has been successful and have today written to them to pay tribute to all those involved and to congratulate them on their success.

‘I hope to get the opportunity to meet some of them when I visit  Tiree next week.

‘This is a hugely important project supporting  a significant number of older and vulnerable people on the Island and I wish everyone well in its delivery’.

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