Posted by: tireecottage | July 17, 2011

End of the Elephant’s End?

I was dismayed to read in the latest An Tirisdeach, that the award winning Elephant’s End restaurant is likely to close. It appears this is due to legislative pressure from the mainland and ultimately the closure is forcing Elain, the owner to sell up and leave Tiree. Planning and environmental agency pressures have dictated that Elaine needs to improve parking facilities, which she has no space for, and also that she needs to install a new kitchen and build walls to completely separate her living accommodation from the restaurant. The hassle of all of this is clearly too much to continue, which is such a shame.

Together with the recent news of intervention from the mainland preventing the operation of the snack bars on the island (until planning is sought), sees Tiree with a few less places to eat out than normal. Good business indeed for the hotels!

Whilst on the subject of commercial property sales, also available to buy is I&F MacLeods shop in Crossapol. Ian and Fiona bought the business in 1992 having previously managed the store and the one before in Balemartine. Ian’s forthcoming milestone birthday sees him wish more time with his family. We hope the new owners will be as passionate and friendly as this nice couple.

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