Posted by: tireecottage | August 12, 2010

“Tiree Online” has launched!

Time to unveil my latest Tiree project! It’s the creation of a super new community website, dedicated to sharing visitor and islander experiences on Tiree. Yes, it’s a one stop place for all news, information, maps, photos, videos , discussions and helpful information , only about Tiree.

TIREE ONLINE is now officially launched on 13th August 2010. We’re looking for people who live on the island and of course visitors and tourists to register on the website, take part and share your experiences, even if only to say hello. If you’re passionate about Tiree, then this is the place for you! The goal is to create a huge community of people who are interested in Tiree. Some background. There’s various news , blogs and information websites about Tiree, but none which allow the reader to fully interact in exciting ways. TIREE ONLINE has state of the art software installed to run the site and of course this is FREE to every single member. Theres so many unique features and no other Tiree website currently like it. Content is original and input by the members themselves! Register today and start collecting virtual Experience Points for taking part. As you participate more , further features automatically unlock for you!

We’re looking for some members to be pioneers on the website. Register and take the lead. This type of website works very well with many members logging in every few days or reading what’s there. To begin right away, please go to this website and register at the top right. Thanks.

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